David's Journey - Embrjo feat. Gerhard Graf

by Gerhard Graf - Gerardo Konte



I'm david
i'm a man
i'm tired
and angry
I really want to pleasure
because I am disappointed
from everything that surrounds me
now I want to have fun
now I want to have fun
and i will
from today

get out
look around
choose the pleasure, the flesh and the senses
you have a lot to give, you have lot to spend
get out
look around


released April 26, 2015
From "Seven Deadly Synths" by Embrjo, released 26 April 2015
David's voice and arrangements: Gerhard Graf




Gerhard Graf - Gerardo Konte

Gerhard Graf is Gerardo Konte's nickname, an artist ranging from music to visual arts. Under the name Kuorenero, he writes dozens of songs and some of them are published into a record called “Eleonore and other nightmares”. On November 2011, he meets members of the darkwave band The Nine Tears. Only on June 2013 he gives birth to his solo project Gerhard Graf (German translation of his name). ... more

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